Transamerica Company

Transamerica life insurance company continues to stride receiving high ratings in the life insurance industry, with the most respected independent rating services. Providing a computation of financial strengths and performances, Transamerica’s ratings are a positive direct reflection of care, in which we manage our business.

Transamerica’s Performance

Transamerica is committed to helping everyone as we were 100 years ago. Customers now have access to wider range of services, providing for both life insurance and retirement plans. Giving you availability, securing your financial futures and creating a safety net. Our beginning starts with providing commitment, helping you build a solid financial foundation.

Transamerica History

In the year 1904, a gentleman by the name Amadeo Giannini (Young entrepreneur) created the “Bank of Italy” as a converted saloon in San Francisco. Amadeo’s goal’s were making financial services available to the public, for all wealth class citizens. After the 1906 even “Quake and Fire”, Amadeo built a makeshift bank at the San Francisco docks. Giving residents loans and ability to rebuild there homes and property. In the year 1928, Amadeo Giannini partnered with “Bank of America”. 2 years later he then acquired the Occidental Life Insurance Company through Transamerica Corporation. The banking and life insurance businesses separated in 1956, with the latter taking the Transamerica name. The iconic Transamerica pyramid claimed its place in the San Francisco skyline in the year 1972.