North American Company

Life Insurance and Annuities

Customer commitments since the year 1886
North American is one of the above leading life insurance and annuity providers in the United States. The company strides and continues all fulfilled commitments to customers since there beginning year of 1886. Many families and businesses continue to count on North American. Providing availability and service for them during their most challenging times, as well as better preparing and helping them for better futures. The company is over-familiar with the life insurance business as of 130 years. Providing very out standing customer service, highly competitive insurance rates and retirement solutions. North American takes pride with unwavering commitments, helping families and businesses focus on the things mattering most to them.

Efficient Services and Priority

North American offers services over and above in the insurance industry. As being a privately owned business, there are no subject to short-term earning pressures. This is frequently faced by publicly traded companies or very large corporations. North American shares a type of ownership, creating an atmosphere for personal, efficient services.

North American is part of the Sammons Financial Group, Inc. there member companies offer a diverse portfolio of products, including life insurance, annuities, and retirement solutions. Sammons is a diversified holding corporation, owning and operating businesses over many different types of industries. Ranking as one of the largest privately-owned companies in the United States.