American Amicable

American Amicable History

American Amicable Life Insurance Company is located in Texas, providing progressive specialties in the life insurance market. The Company is dedicated to introducing life insurance and annuity products developed towards targeting individual needs of protection, as well as estate preservation. American Amicable continues to grow, consistently maintaining an outstanding financial position. The company is a part of the American-Amicable Group of companies, in which acquired by Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services, Inc.

Financial Integrity, Responsible Management, Strong Commitments

American Amicable is strongly held with a foundation of financial integrity, responsible management, and strong commitments to all policyholders, the company continues to look towards the future with great passion.

Beginning Months of 1909

American Amicable was formed in Waco Texas, embarking a mission of which changed the personality and skyline of Waco forever. A major accomplishment, leaving such a mark for the entire world to hear, marveling well into the 21st Century. American Amicable celebrated there 100 year anniversary as the “centennial anniversary”. The Building continues to remain a tower of strength and stability. Waco residents say, American Amicable’s Building became a landmark for their city. Today, the building remains a major part of the downtown business community. Providing home office for American-Amicable Staff and Team, as well as the rest of the corporate family thus providing rental office space.